Pilates, purely elizabeth, and Chobani


A few Sundays ago, I hosted a free Pilates class in Central Park as an ambassador event for purely elizabeth. If you have not tried purely elizabeth products yet (more to come on this later), you must! This is my second year being an ambassador for the company and I couldn’t be more honored to promote a brand that I truly believe in. Purely elizabeth products are gluten-free, vegan, refined sugar-free and so delicious that I can’t stop eating them, seriously! They use high quality, all natural, organic ingredients in all of their products, which provide many health benefits. Their philosophy is simple-when you eat better, you feel better. You are what you eat, so eat purely and live purely. Please note that although I do promote the brand, these opinions are 100% my own. I can honestly say that I have tried all of their products and I have loved them all!

This is also my second year hosting this event and it is so much fun! Pilates, Central Park, granola and good peeps, what’s not to love?! Side note: for those of you who do not know, I am a certified pilates mat instructor and I have been teaching at Power Pilates for over six years. We had a good turn out for the event, around 20 people, which made for a nice class. The weather was gorgeous and we found a relatively quiet spot just east and south of the 81st street park entrance on the west side to get our workout on!

Look at those moves!

IMG_3481 IMG_3482IMG_3483

The class lasted about an hour and then it was time for some purely treats and schmoozing! And there was an added bonus this year! Drumroll please…Chobani yogurt to make granola parfaits courtesy of my friend Lindsay who works for Chobani (thanks Linds). While I personally don’t eat yogurt (I don’t do dairy), I hear Chobani is pretty amazing and Lindsay was able to score us some new flavors in addition to the typical favorites-hooray!

Pilates mats are very versatile-from core workout equipment to table in minutes 😉


And no event is complete without some freshly baked purely elizabeth chocolate chip cookies, which I must say were pretty dang good and so easy to make!

IMG_3479IMG_3478 IMG_3480

I was so happy that Caroline, who works for purely elizabeth, was able to join us!


It was a  perfect way to spend a lovely, nearing the end of summer, day! What activities do you enjoy doing outside during the last few weeks of summer? Leave your comments below!


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