Boston Training Weeks 1 & 2

It’s crazy to think my Boston Marathon Training plan officially started on December 30th and that I am in the middle of my fourth week of training. I can’t believe that the marathon is only 3 months away! I’m a little behind in posting (oops), but here’s what weeks 1 and 2 looked like.

Week 1:

Monday 12/30: Speed work- The CPTC workout called for 3 x 600m and 3 x 1000m, but since it was my first attempt at speed since before NYC Marathon I modified it to 2 x 600m and 1 x 1000m. It felt tough, but good to move my legs. 7.5 miles total.

Tuesday 12/31: Easy run- 9.25 miles

Wednesday 1/1: Easy run- 8 miles

Thursday 1/2: Tempo- The workout called for 3 x the lower loop (each loop is 1.7 miles) starting at 1/2 marathon pace, then 10k pace, followed by 10 mile pace. Since this was my first tempo since before the marathon I decided I would only do 2 loops and I would start at marathon pace and try to drop it from there. The workout went surprisingly well considering it was cold, snowing, and early in the morning (I opted to do the workout in the am since the snow was only supposed to get worse). First mile was around 7:30 then dropped to 7:10ish then down to 7:05ish. 6.5 miles total

Friday 1/3: Easy run- 6.25 miles

Saturday 1/4: Long run- This was my longest distance since the marathon. I ran solo because we had our CPTC awards/holiday party the night before so my running buddies were going later, but I had to get the run done early because of family plans. I am so spoiled running with my friends that it had been a long time since I did a solo long run, but it went by pretty quickly. 13 miles total.

Sunday 1/5: Cross training- Soul Cycle Survivor Class (1 hour instead of 45 minutes) taught by Bethany. The class was awesome and I left feeling in a great mood as I always do. If you haven’t taken her class you should definitely try it some time!

Total weekly mileage: 50.5 miles

I finally started logging my runs in my Believe I Am journal. I'm really enjoying it!

I finally started logging my runs in my Believe I Am journal. I’m really enjoying it!

Week two:

Monday 1/6: Speed work- I opted to do my speed work on Monday instead of Tuesday because of the snow that was coming. The workout was 3 sets of 1000m, 600m, 400m with a 400m recovery after the 1000 and a 200m recovery after the 600 and 400. After the 3rd set we were also supposed to do 3 x 300m with a 100m recovery in between each, but fortunatelyunforunately I didn’t have time to do them because I had to rush home to get ready for work. Total 6.25 miles.

Tuesday: Easy run- 5.25 miles

The Polar vortex has nothing on me! Ok, that's a lie, it was freaking cold, but I layered up.

The Polar vortex has nothing on me! Ok, that’s a lie, it was freaking cold, but I layered up.

Wednesday: Double- 6.25 miles in the morning and 3.25 miles in the evening with w 75th street Lululemon Run Club which I co-lead with Jeff and Laura. 9.5 miles total.

Thursday: CPTC workout- 6 mile tempo at half-marathon pace. I started out a little faster than I wanted to and I just couldn’t hold it. I ended up running a 7:19 average pace for the 6 miles, which is slower than my current half-marathon pace & my goal half-marathon pace, but it was still a good workout. 10.5 miles total. Afterwards I went to the gym to work on my core and legs.

Friday: 6 miles with Back on My Feet Team Times Square. My legs felt tired from the tempo the night before so I made sure to really stretch and foam roll when I got back from my run.

Saturday: Long run-This was not my best long run. It was raining and my legs were not feeling great. The run felt like it took FOREVER, but I managed to get in 15 miles thanks to the company of my awesome running buddies.

Sunday: Cross-training- Soul Cycle Survivor Class

Total weekly mileage: 52.5 miles

Stay tuned for week 3’s recap coming up shortly! It feels great to be training for a focus race again, though I will admit it can be difficult to get out of bed early on these dark, cold winter mornings. What are you training for? How do you get yourself out of bed during the cold winter?


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