Boston Training Weeks 3 & 4

I’ve once again fallen behind on my blogging. I promise I will be better at this! That being said I have been doing a lot of training so here’s what’s been going down in my running world!

All bundled up. #polarvortex

All bundled up. #polarvortex

Week 3:

Monday (1/13): 8.05 miles in the early morning with my CPTC running buddies in Central Park.

Tuesday (1/14): Evening west side hill workout with Grace. Started at west 86th street and ran up to 92 street (.35mi), recovered 2 lampposts then ran the same terrain in reverse. We did this 6 times (3 in 1 direction & 3 in the other). Splits- 2:21, 2:27, 2:25, 2:28, 2:23, 2:27. 10 miles total.

Wednesday (1/15): 3 miles easy at 5:30am with back on my feet Team Times Square, 3 miles easy with lululemon UWS run club. 6 miles total.

Thursday (1/16): CPTC workout: 2.3 mile warmup, 5 mile tempo-7:06, 7:03, 6:46, 7:05, 6:43 (6:56 average pace) followed by 1km-4:13 (6:42 average pace), cool down. 10.3 miles total followed by lifting/core at the gym.

Friday (1/17): Rest day

Saturday (1/18): long run, 15.25 miles at a steady state (8:20 average pace)

Sunday (1/19): 8.25 miles

Total weekly mileage: 57.85

Week 4:

Monday (1/20): 6.25 miles easy

Tuesday (1/21):  Morning workout: 4 sets of 800, 600 with a 200 recovery. Splits: Set 1-3:21, 1:07, Set 2-3:10, 1:12, Set 3-3:15, 1:12, Set 4-3:22, 1:06, 8 miles total

Wednesday (1/22): 7.25 miles with Grace in the snow/ice

Thursday (1/23): CPTC workout: 2.3 mile warmup, 2×2 mile at half pace (4:00 min recovery in between each 2 mile set) followed by 1 mile at 10 mile pace.  The roads were still icy so my coach changed the route so that the whole workout would be on the west side since it was cleared better than the east side. First 2 miles-7:10, 7:12, second 2 miles-7:00, 7:15. My stomach was bothering me, I was having a little issue with my left hamstring (nagging injury), and my splits for both 2 miles were slower than I wanted so I decided to skip the 1 mile. I ran a lower loop as a cool down and ended up with 8.5 miles total.

Friday (1/24): 9 miles easy

Saturday (1/25): long run, 14.5 miles at a steady state (8:26 average pace), foam rolling

hurts so good

hurts so good

Sunday (1/26): Rest day

Total weekly mileage: 53.5 miles

How are you staying warm during the #polarvortex?


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