NYC Half Marathon 2016 Recap

I’m a little late with this race recap, but better late than never right?! Three and a half weeks ago I ran the NYC half marathon. This race is always so much fun and this year’s race did not disappoint. I wasn’t training specially for this race, but using it to test my fitness for the Boston Marathon. Did I secretly hope that I would PR? Sure, but the ultimate goal was to run strong and feel good (Spoiler alert-I didn’t PR and I’m okay about it).


Flat Dani

Race morning I met my friend Ambreleah and we jogged to baggage to drop off our things and meet some other friends to warm up. Three miles and two bathroom stops later, we headed to the corrals to get settled. I found my friend Jane and we discovered that we had a similar goal in mind so we decided to start together. I was pretty cold so I kept on my throw away shirt for as long as I could, taking it off a few seconds before start time. Before I knew it I heard the command then the horn blew and we were off!


Running down the West Side Highway

With just over a mile to go I entered the Battery Park Underpass, which felt like it went on forever. Satellite always gets so wonky at that part of the race so I wasn’t really sure what pace I was running, but I kept pushing as hard as I could, knowing that once I got out of the tunnel the finish line wouldn’t be too far away. When I exited the tunnel I was greeted by a lovely brutal burst of wind as I tried to turn up my final gear. I saw the 400m sign, dug deep and ran as hard as I could to the finish. At this point I knew I wasn’t going to PR, but I thought I could still run under 1:34. I was wrong… I ended up running 1:34:14. It’s funny how the finish line always seems a lot closer than it really is!

📷 credit: MarathonFoto

I walked to baggage, found some of my friends then headed to the gym to shower and get ready for our team celebration.


Fast ladies, great friends

Even though I didn’t PR I’m happy with how this race went. I felt strong pretty much the whole race, negative split, and finished feeling like I still had something left. Most importantly, it gave me confidence for Boston!


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